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How much does a service call cost?

Advantage Sewer And Drain doesn’t charge a ”service charge” to come out to your home. We will get as much detail as possible from you about your plumbing issues Colorado Springs Plumber over the phone, or by email first. In many cases, we can quote you a price right there. If not, we will come to your home or business and get more details in order to provide you with an estimate. Before any work is done our technician will provide you with a quote. Our quotation process ensures you will always know what you will be charged for any service before we do any work.

How often should I have my sewer line cleaned?

Most areas recommend servicing (cleaning) your sewer line at least once per year. Colorado Springs Utilities states that if you don’t have your (the sewer lines that run under your property) sewer lines cleaned at least once each year, they are not be responsible for damage due to a sewage backup regardless of the cause.

Can I prevent drains from clogging?

In some cases it is possible to prevent drains from clogging by simply performing routine maintenance on the line. In many older areas in Colorado Springs, the original clay sewer lines are still in place, and these jointed sewer lines allow tree roots to enter the line and clog the drain. Annual, or semi-annual rooting of the lines can often prevent a full-blown line clog – and subsequent sewer backup into your home.

How can I stop these tree roots from growing in my line and causing backups?

Unfortunately, once the tree roots have gotten into your sewer lines, there is no practical way to remove them permanently. We can clean out your sewer system on a regular basis to prevent backups, we can add additional cleanouts to make this process much easier. We can also suggest several other options to help you with your tree root problems. Give us a call at 719.491.8638 or contact us and we’ll put together a plan that will minimize tree root problems in your sewer system.

Why in my water pressure low? Can the water pressure in my home be increased?

In some cases, simply adjusting the water pressure regulator can increase the water pressure in your home. Some older homes have iron water pipes instead of copper. These iron water pipes can corrode and restrict water volume and pressure. If you have low water pressure, let us check your water supply system and we’ll let you know exactly how we can help.

I’m in the process of purchasing a new home and my realtor said I need a sewer inspection or sewer scope. Do you guys do that?

Yes, we do, and we always recommend a sewer scope of the sewer line before purchasing a new home, or even selling yours. A sewer scope will give you an idea of the condition of the mainline, your sewer line from the house to the city main, and if there are any issues that you need to be aware of. We can’t begin to tell you how many people have called in regarding a new home they have purchased and the basement has flooded due to a mainline backup. After inspection, the mainline is full of tree roots, or worse yet, has a crack or an offset. Large issues with the sewer line can set you back several thousands of dollars, that knowledge might have been a factor when purchasing your home.

My water heater is 15 years old and is still in working condition, I don’t understand why it’s suggested to replace the unit?

We completely understand, and realize that replacing a water heater can be costly. Unfortunately water heaters only have a life expectancy of 9-13 years, anything after that could potentially be borrowed time. Your water heater could continue to live on for quite some time, but we can almost guarantee that it is not functioning in its full capacity. After time, sediment, dirt debris, and other minerals can build up in your water heater. Due to the age and possibly the buildup, your water heater could begin to make strange sounds or even start to rust and leak. Not to mention you are bathing, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your dishes in these less than desirable water conditions.

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